We are more than mothers.
We are more together.

IAMAS wants to help all mothers get the support they need. Empowered moms can self-advocate, get access to government- and business-based support, and work for the good of the majority. Join us to support us.

Educate. Advocate. Unite.

IAMAS is dedicated to women, mothers, and families.

IAMAS’ roots are as an academic organization (formerly MIRCI), but our members are more than just scholars. We are scholar-activists from dozens of countries who want to help all moms be their best selves by supporting mothers in academia, coordinating with other organizations that support maternal advocacy work, and shaping debates regarding the issues that matter most to mothers. We welcome members regardless of their field or experience, motherhood status, or gender preference. We have recently partnered with Akidemic Life, which is run by Kirsty Nash.


Our Vision

IAMAS envisions a world in which all mothers are supported by their families, communities, businesses, and governments via a cultural belief that mothering and mothers matter as well as and through strongly funded research that aids in the implementation of policies that help mothers thrive. 

Our Mission

International Association of Maternal Action and Scholarship is a scholar-activist, interdisciplinary, non-profit organization designed to promote empowered mothering via research on and advocacy for (and with) mothers. This work is rooted in a belief that mothers who are supported by their families, communities, businesses, and governments thrive and help their child(ren) thrive.


Are you a kickass feminist who wants to share research about motherhood?

This year’s conference theme will examine the ways race and ethnicity impact motherhood, mothering practices, motherhood research/scholarship, and activism about and by mothers. We intend to examine aspects of race that prevent more mothers from thriving while giving ample room to celebrate growth, community, and positivity. 

IAMAS 2021 CONFERENCE: Building Racial Equity In and Across Motherhood

Online: Sept 24-26, 2021 

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