International Association of Maternal Action + Scholarship

We are more than mothers. We are more together.

IAMAS Group Membership

2024 IAMAS Conference

Now accepting abstracts for the 2024 conference! The theme is Mothering and Motherhood: Past, Present, and Future. Abstracts are due October 1, 2023.

MOMA Award

IAMAS  wants to recognize colleges and universities that are brainstorming, initiating, and supporting campus programs that help retain faculty who are also parenting young children

Summer Writing Retreat

IAMAS’ two-day virtual Summer Writing Retreat will provide the accountability, guidance, and community you need to achieve your goals. Designed for mother-scholars of all levels and disciplines.

IAMAS Conference Sponsorship


IAMAS’ roots are as an academic organization (formerly MIRCI), but our members are more than just scholars. We are scholar-activists from dozens of countries who want to help all mothers — physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically. We welcome members regardless of their field or experience, motherhood status, or gender preference. Our sister organizations include Demeter Press (Andrea O’Reilly), Akidemic Life (Kirsty Nash), and Academic Mamas Foundation (Cindy Harley).

IAMAS Partners

Academic Mamas Foundation

Empowering Academic Mamas by awarding grants supporting the pursuit of an academic career while raising children.

Akidemic Life

Empowering parents to navigate life & academia. Plan a successful academic career, reduce stress at work, and enjoy your family more.

Demeter Press

Want to connect with a brilliant group of maternal scholars who also love to read? You’ve found the right place.