IAMAS Town Hall: Motherf#@%ing Covid: Work, Kids and You

Motherhood is feeling pretty hard right now. Four seriously AMAZING women are here to help. Think of them as the Mama Avengers flying in to help us fight for sustainable motherhood. This interactive Q&A will focus on:
• naming (and getting!) the support we need at work + home.
• offering tactics to prioritize self-care.
• sharing strategies for carrying extra mother/workload.
• advocating for the deep change needed so more mothers can thrive.

Speakers include:
* Blessing Adesiyan is a mother of three, a career professional and Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly, a solution-driven platform and ecosystem that propels women forward in motherhood, work and life. Blessing is an expert in work-life solutions, engaging over 300,000 ambitious women through her platform, podcast and conferences.

* Beth Berry is a writer, life coach, mother of four daughters, and lover of the sacred feminine. A revolutionary at heart, she supports and encourages women toward the realization of their fullest potential and the reclamation of motherhood from disempowering personal and cultural stories. Follow her journey within at revolutionfromhome.com.

* Darcy Lockman, PhD is a clinical psychologist who works with couples and individuals in New York City. Her recent book All the Rage: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership has received rave reviews from critics and readers alike.

* Diana Reddy, Esq. is a lawyer and Doctoral Student in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program at UC Berkeley. Her scholarship focuses on work law, law and social movements, and social stratification and inequality. As a member of Hand-in-Hand, the Domestic Employers Network (https://domesticemployers.org/), she also studies the long history of domestic workers’ exclusion from legal protections in the United States.

Moderator: Katie B. Garner, PhD is the executive director of IAMAS (Int’l Assoc. of Maternal Action and Scholarship), an organization that calls attention to the emotional, mental, and physical work mothers do (https://iamas.com). She leads workshops for moms and teens and is writing a book on how the culture of motherhood in the US impacts our childcare choices.