2024 IAMAS Conference

IAMAS Conference 2024

Mothering and Motherhood: Past, Present, and Future

Conference Dates: June 21-23, 2024 (Boston MA, USA and online)

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Abstracts due October 6, 2023.

Theme: Mothering and Motherhood: Past, Present, and Future

Any research, analysis, art, and/or thought leadership that centers maternal research, matricentric feminism, or motherhood will be considered, but we encourage participants to examine practices and theory that connect to race-based oppression, racial solidarity and allyship, and potential avenues for innovative growth and sustainable community building. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Utopian visions of mothering and motherwork,
  • Reclaiming and (un-)learning motherhood,
  • Intersectional perspectives on motherhood and mothering,
  • Media/literary analysis of mothering and motherhood,
  • Economics of motherhood: waged work, universal basic income, neoliberalism, poverty, etc.,
  • Global/International mothering,
  • Transgenerational perspectives on motherhood and mothering,
  • Queering mothering and motherhood,
  • Mothering in the academy,
  • Mothering and/as activism.

Any research, theory, thought leadership and/or art centering motherhood research will be considered, regardless of overall fit with the theme. Please visit https://iamas.com or email Katie B. Garner at kbgarner@iamas.com for more information.

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