Affinity Groups

Join an IAMAS Action or Affinity Group.

About IAMAS Affinity Groups

Keep the Momentum Going

IAMAS Affinity Groups or (Task Forces) provide a dynamic platform for contributing members to channel their post-conference inspiration into tangible impact. Recognizing the potential of energized individuals, IAMAS invites contributing members to actively participate and pay it forward by joining an affinity group.

These groups serve as dedicated spaces for engagement, collaboration, and meaningful contributions, allowing members to transform their inspiration into actionable initiatives within the maternal scholarship community.

How Affinity Groups Work

IAMAS Affinity Groups cater to diverse interests, connecting contributing members with like-minded individuals. Whether in political organizing, writing, women of color leadership, or other areas, these groups foster community and purpose. Joining enhances members’ impact in maternal scholarship and shapes IAMAS’s future through active engagement and collaboration.

The primary work that each task force should accomplish each year is listed below:

Organize one panel AND/OR one workshop for the annual conference. Ideally, panels will include folks who are new to IAMAS.

Assist with social media and content creation Share news about conference/MOMA award, host one Voices, Visions, and Advocacy talk.

Help establish networking, co-authorship, and mentoring opportunities.

Establish annual goals for your specific group.

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.”

Elder M. Russell Ballard

Affinity Groups Checklist

IAMAS encourages members to join affinity groups for impactful initiatives and organizational advancement. Advocating a thoughtful approach, we urge members to immerse themselves in task force goals for meaningful contributions. Active engagement in discussions fosters collaboration, and leveraging communication channels enhances task force efficiency.

By following these steps, members enrich their experiences and significantly contribute to propelling IAMAS forward.

Elect Team Captain

At each conference, elect a team captain. This person will be responsible for:

  1. Setting up a master email list.
  2. Sharing one or more Google docs that can be used by team members for goal setting, etc.,
  3. Monitoring progress of goals,
  4. Reporting goals to IAMAS’ executive director on a quarterly basis,
  5. Keeping notes/records for next year’s team leader.

Set Aside Time

All members should commit to at least 2 hours of work per month excluding monthly or quarterly meetings.

Choose a Focus

Each task force is set up with as a broad umbrella. Members should determine a more specific focus within their task force heading that makes sense to our organization, is timely, can be broken down into measurable actions steps.

Define Goals

Once a theme or focus has been established, your group should define quantifiable goals that you can achieve as a team. These may include:

  1. Committing to converting a scholarly article into a trade press article.
  2. Drafting a “how-to” pdf (see examples online or email for more info).
  3. Committing to recruiting x number of new and/or underrepresented members, raising x dollars in donations, reaching out to x number of politicians/members of media (outside our organization) to encourage visibility, encouraging x number of institutions to apply for the MOMA award, attracting x number of sponsors for the next conference.
  4. Publishing a team-authored paper.
  5. Hosting a Town Hall with findings about your task force
  6. Create a video that we can share online telling others about why a specific issue under your task force’s umbrella is important, deserves more research, etc.
  7. Insert your awesome idea here.


Determine quarterly dates that work for your team to meet online or in person.

Get to Work

Divide work equitably.


Share what you’ve done with others.