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Here To Help You Balance Your Responsibilities

aKIDemic Life is underpinned by passion, strong values and a focus on solutions. Here we let you know what drives our mission to help empower parents in academia to balance work with caring responsibilities.

The mission of aKIDemic Life is to provide you with solutions: to help you plan a successful academic career, reduce stress at work, and enjoy your family more.

Whether you have children, are planning for the future, or are caring for family members, we curate relevant research, resources and mentoring to help you make informed decisions as you navigate academic life.

aKIDemic Life Resources

Are you overwhelmed by information and not sure where to begin? Here are resources to help you integrate your caring journey into your academic life.

Career Planning

Balance career and family with our strategic planning resources.

Work-Life Balance

Navigate career-family balance with our tailored support resources.


Ease work trip stress with family-friendly travel resources.

Parental Leave

Prepare for parental leave with strategic planning and resources.

Return to Work

Smooth return to work with our tailored resources and support.


Plan family-friendly field trips with our helpful resources and tips.


Smooth relocation with our curated resources for academic job transitions.


Secure your financial future in academia with strategic planning tips.


Prioritize self-care for well-being amidst academic and family demands.

Policies & Laws

A regularly updated reference library of policies and laws impacting academics with caring responsibilities around the world.

Do you want to know your rights regarding parental leave or flexible working arrangements? To ensure you will always have this information at your fingertips, we provide links to laws and policies that affect working parents around the world. If you know of new resources or information from a country we are currently missing, please get in touch and we will add them to the page.

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Discover the newest insights and articles from the aKIDemic Life blog, covering a wide range of topics relevant to parenting and academia. Stay informed and inspired with our latest posts.

Meet Our Team

aKIDemic Life is advised by a multi-disciplinary team of parents who either work within academia or are health & well-being professionals. Many of our advisors are Australian or work in Australia, but we are actively looking to expand our advisory board to encompass a more diverse perspective.


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Advisory Board

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