Fieldwork with Kids

Make fieldwork & research trips kid-friendly

Taking your family on a fieldtrip often requires careful planning to ensure safe and fun interactions with new environments, communities and cultures.
Taking your kids into the field may be a fantastic educational opportunity, but fieldwork can be stressful at the best of times, even when you aren’t juggling the demands of research and family. Here we provide information to help you kick-start a family-friendly research trip that is safe and enjoyable for all.

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Interview with Christina Hicks

“Things change, what works with one child, for one field site, one year, may not work the next, so constantly reflect, be responsive and flexible.”

– Professor Christina Hicks, Researcher @ Lancaster University

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This article from the Nature Jobs blog gives useful advice for researcher-parents who want to balance their children’s needs with work priorities while in the field.

Fieldwork While Parenting

This new blog provides a series of short articles by people who have taken their children into the field with them. The focus is on how to make fieldwork family-friendly. The coordinators are always looking for new content, so if you have interesting stories or information that might help readers, details on how to contribute your stories can be found here.

Georgina Sweet Award For Women In Quantitative Biomedical Science

This fellowship is targeted at supporting mid-career female researchers in Australia who work in Quantitative Biomedical Science. The grants are research focused, but can be used towards childcare costs associated with the recipient’s work.

Anne Penfold Street Awards

The Australian Mathematical Society’s grant can be used to cover childcare costs for parents traveling for research.

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