Parental Leave

Prepare for parental leave & career breaks

Parental leave heralds a beginning – a new life and less focus on your research; uncertainty is inevitable but simple plans can smooth your transition.

Going on parental leave can be a scary thought – you will be dealing with a new baby and a hiatus in your research that may reduce your competitiveness for the next job or grant. Whether you are going on maternity leave or paternity leave, it is extremely beneficial to put in place strategies ahead of time to maintain research momentum over a career break. Here we provide tips and tools to help you make flexible and realistic plans.

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Interview with Catriona Hurd on preparing for parental leave.

“Be strategic in how you allocate your time and put yourself first. Make a list of everything that you think you have to do, and rank into a priority list.”

Professor Catriona Hurd @ University of Tasmania

Interview with Alan Duffy on taking paternity leave in academia.

“It’s about ensuring the male academics realise that these leave entitlements are there and that they can be taken – misinformation or lack of awareness is a challenge”

Professor Alan Duffy @ Swinburne University of Technology

Resources for academics preparing for a career break.

Ten Tips For Dealing With Work And Parental Leave


This helpful article by Dr Emily Nicholson provides practical guidance on how you can get prepared for your parental leave.

Encouraging Men To Take Parental Leave


More men are taking parental leave than ever before, but it is still far from the norm. In this blog piece, find out some of the many benefits of staying at home with your kids.

A Father's Odyssey


This article describes one dad’s journey when he became one of the first male postdocs in the 100-year history of the institution to ask for parental leave.

Career Breaks & Return To Work Report


This report on provides background information on employees accessing parental leave in Australia and New Zealand. Boxes throughout the report provide useful summary statistics.

Parental Leave: Where Are The Fathers?


So how common is it for fathers to take paternity leave? This policy brief looks at the provision and uptake of paternity leave around the world in OECD countries.

Pregnancy Discrimination Act


Know your rights is the key message of this blog post on the pregnancy discrimination act. The author provides a short introduction to significant rights you have when you are pregnant. By being informed, you can ensure you are getting the support you deserve.

Stay Connected Bursaries


These Biochemical Society Bursaries provide training, conference travel and childcare assistance to members on or returning from a career break.

Support for minorities in academia

GIRLS Rising Up

GIRLS Rising Up is a welcoming and supportive community of minority women, providing a venue for members to gather and discuss issues that are important to them.