Relocation strategies to help with packing up & moving

In academia moving job regularly means uprooting your family and moving city; knowing what groundwork to lay is vital to ease your transition.
Fixed-term contracts are an increasingly common feature of academia. A new job often involves you packing up and moving to a new city or country, and navigating the associated challenges of setting up your new life in a strange place. Here we provide a series of curated resources to help plan your next relocation, from negotiating moving expenses to understanding the cultural norms of your new home.

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Interview with Scott Jones

“Making new friends as adults is hard, at least for me, so it takes loads of courage to step out, especially as a vulnerable, new-to-town person. But it has always paid off!”

– Dr. Scott Jones, Researcher @ United States Geological Survey

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Combining Parenthood & A Career In Germany

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming – it is important to become familiar with the local policies and practices regarding parental leave, return to work, and flexibility to help navigate parenthood in your home. This article provides a survival guide for Germany.

Moving Country & Contract Negotiations

Congratulations! You have been offered that dream job you applied for in another country. But, now you have to think about what this means for you and your family – all the practicalities of moving, your partner finding work, buying a house or a car, getting your kids into daycare and school. These are all the things you need to consider before signing on the dotted line of your contract. A little bit of negotiation at this stage can make all the difference when reality hits on day 1 of your new life in a new country. This great working forum in Science Magazine explores some of these issues.

Negotiating In Academia

Moving to a new job in a new city or country is an expensive business. In these webinars you are provided with guidance on negotiating in academia. Use these tools to negotiate for relocation assistance.

Connect With Other Mothers In A New City

Have you moved to a new city or country? Are you far away from your support network. Check out Peanut, an app to put you in touch with mothers in your area.