Your Village

Find your online village

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in today’s world we are often far from friends and family. Here we help you find an online village to provide you with the support and friendship you need.

Juggling work and family is challenging at the best of times and without help it can be an extremely lonely time. As academics and researchers we often move to new countries or cities for work, so your usual support network may be missing and it can take time to build a new one locally. To fill the gap, we have curated a list of online organisations and groups that can provide you with both moral and practical support, and hopefully some laughs along the way! If you have a group that you want listed here, then please get in touch.

Mothers in Science

If you are looking for a welcoming community of mothers, then we suggest starting with Mothers In Science. Despite the name, you don’t need to be a scientist – this is an inclusive community which asks and seeks answers for some of those difficult questions we are often too scared to ask. Check out their website or follow them on twitter or instagram.

Mum, PhD

You don’t have to be a mum right now to join Mum, PhD this community welcomes the participation of women who are trying to conceive, as well as women who are considering how to incorporate future motherhood into their academic career plans. Likewise, they welcome the participation of PhD scholars and women considering embarking on a PhD. Importantly, Mum, PhD is a safe and respectful environment for sharing experiences, giving and receiving support, exchanging knowledge, engaging in debates, venting and finding solutions.

The PhD Parent

Are you a parent navigating graduate school? Then this is group for you: “a safe space for parents and carers who work within academia to come to for moral support, encouragement and advice”. Join and download the app via their website or follow them on twitter.

Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Facebook groups to support academics, and parents and carers working in academia. We have curated a list of some popular ones on our career planning page.


Blogs can provide you with a regular source of inspiration and support so have a look at the selection we have highlighted on our work-life balance page.