IAMAS 2023 Conference: Undergraduate Student: CFP

IAMAS Conference 2023

Undergraduate Student: CFP

International Association of Maternal Action and Scholarship (IAMAS) 2023 Conference

Conference Theme: Mothering and Motherhood on the Home/Front

Conference Dates: March 11-13, 2023, Chicago, IL & Virtual

All undergraduate presentations will be virtual; the day and time will be determined.

Undergraduate students and recent graduates are encouraged to participate in the 2023 IAMAS conference – we look forward to working with you! If you are a mother-scholar or a scholar that is a mother, we encourage you to submit an abstract and engage with other mother-scholar/scholar-activists.

Our organization is authentic, friendly, and welcoming. We are eager to mentor and support the next generation of motherscholars and scholar-activists! Undergraduate roundtables are a chance to present your scholarship and activism; we strive to create a space where you can exchange ideas and build community with other motherscholars and scholar-activists.

Undergraduate students will be in a roundtable session together but fully integrated into the regular IAMAS program. You will benefit from presenting alongside other young scholars while also having access to individuals in various stages of professional development, including graduate students, early career faculty, and established scholars. This provides an excellent networking and mentoring environment for you. During the IAMAS conference, you are welcome to attend all sessions, keynote addresses, and workshops.

You are encouraged to contact Jessica Leveto at jleveto@kent.edu  or Katie Garner kbgarner@iamas.com with questions.

Roundtable Format: Discussions will revolve around a central topic or theme depending on the submission(s). The moderator will introduce the topic/theme of the table and provide an opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves and their work. Roundtables are not about formal presentations. At roundtables, participants may flow to/from more than one table discussion during the session. This less formal and smaller session type is appropriate for discussing research proposals, works in progress, or topics of particular interest. A roundtable can involve presentations or conversations on shared interest(s).