Mama Writers Unite!

An Affordable and Supportive Writing Community for Mother-Scholars at IAMAS.

Nurturing Mother-Scholar Writers

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on writing groups? Look no further than Mama Writers Unite at IAMAS.

We gather weekly to provide the support you need to stay on top of writing deadlines, connect with co-writers, and find beta readers across time zones. All this and more within a nurturing community of fellow mother-scholars. Say goodbye to expensive alternatives and hello to an inclusive space where your writing journey is valued.

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Explore additional Mama Writers Unite events, fostering a supportive community for mother-scholars and celebrating the diverse narratives of motherhood.

2-day virtual Summer Writing Retreat!

Join Mama Writers Unite at IAMAS for our 2-day virtual Summer Writing Retreat!

Designed for mother-scholars, this event provides accountability, guidance, and a supportive community for your writing goals. With a focus on brainstorming, peer review, and optional networking, it offers an enriching experience.

A Room of One’s Own Grant

IAMAS supports mother-scholars’ creative growth through the “A Room of One’s Own” grant program, offering four two-night hotel vouchers ($350) to scholars facing childcare challenges. Stipends, flexible for childcare needs, are dedicated for use during our writing retreat, with attendance as a prerequisite.

Empowering academic pursuits, IAMAS provides essential resources for mother-scholars to thrive.