Mama Writers Unite!

Mama Writers Unite!

Why pay hundreds of dollars for ANOTHER writing group?


We meet weekly (mostly) and will help you: keep on top of writing deadlines, meet co-writers, and find beta readers — all within a supportive community of mother-scholars. Log into your account to sign up. 

IAMAS believes mother-scholars’ work is critically important and needs dedicated space to flourish. The Room of One’s Own program awards grant recipients with $250 to use for a two-night hotel stay or childcare during the retreat. To apply for the Room of One’s Own grant program, please follow this link.  

Here are just some of the feedback from our last retreat: 

Quiet time with no noises or people to break my concentration. No household jobs were looming in the background and no one asked me for a drink or snack. I was ridiculously productive!

My kids are young and love to wander into my bed in the middle of the night. I got uninterrupted sleep for the first time in months. Being able to rest and recharge was hugely helpful to my productivity.

This was SO useful to be able to dedicate time to JUST writing. Even with an unexpected emergency, the funds for childcare let me get so much more done than I could ever imagined.

This retreat was incredible! I have been fighting some serious self-doubt lately and just hearing from others about their experiences and where they were with their own projects helped me to reignite my sense of purpose for my own scholarship. 


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