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Town Hall Archive

View recordings from our monthly virtual Town Halls or request to host yours. Town Halls are an informal way for members to host talks about topics that are a component of established research or would like to beta-test. In some cases, non-members will be permitted to host talks. 

Task Forces

Task Force Info & Signup

For contributing members, IAMAS wants you to be involved, engaged, and paying it forward. You can do that by joining a task force. Options include: Think Tank 2020, Writing and Publishing, Women of Color Leadership, International Women’s Forum, Policy Development and Activism, University Life, Fundraising and Networking, or Public Relations.


Teaching Resources 

Busy women don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. Let’s share what has worked for us so others can benefit from our wisdom and experience. In this members-only section, you are invited to contribute an amazing syllabi you developed and/or articles that you have found particularly useful (including ones you’ve published!).  Teaching activities are excellent additions, too. 

Please provide a title that will help others get a gist of the content. Extra credit if you add how the activity or article was used or why it was so helpful to your class. PDF’s are preferred, but if that isn’t possible just send whatever format is easiest. 


Survey Says

IAMAS intends to conduct surveys a couple times a year regarding issues that pertains to mothers at home and abroad. If you would like to conduct a survey, please contact