Group Membership

Group Membership

Join IAMAS and Make a Difference for Mothers
Group Membership

For universities or businesses who want to support female employees and/or have several members who want to join IAMAS.

$2500 annual fee includes: 

  • five individual memberships
  • recognition in conference pamphlet
  • logo tag to put on your website
  • access to past Town Hall recordings
  • access to member directory
  • ability to submit survey to members
  • and more, see list below

Access to conference (conference reg fee is separate)

Membership to task forces of choosing (writing and publishing, mentorship, fundraising, etc.)

Free access to town halls ($100 if purchased separately)

Access to archive of “how-to” pdfs (e.g. How to successfully petition for longer maternity leave, How to petition school council for after school care).

Ability to host town hall (application approval req)

Access to archived town halls

Access to member directory and submit personal profile

Ability to upload educational content (papers, videos, etc.) (pending ED approval)

Offer to submit one survey to members via monthly “survey says.” Will be shared on IAMAS Facebook site as well. Approval required.

Recognition in conference materials