Mother Scholars

Welcome to our shared space of exploration and learning through (m)otherhood.

Honoring Motherhood: Empowering Scholars

Our interest is to embrace, reimagine, transgress, and expand the possibilities for living and learning within the world through reconnecting with inherited embodiedness of mothering relations. We are a collective of (m)otherscholars that seek to honor, expand, complicate, and trouble mothering relations in education, work, culture, and society. We are rooted in decolonial praxis of relationality, responsibility, reciprocity, gratitude, Indigenous wisdom and ecological sustainability.

Through our own processes of living and learning, we intend to seed and harness our methodological and pedagogical play as scholars, teachers, and activists to help organizations nurture a multiplicity of mothering relations for more livable and loving futures.

Our Vision

We dream of (m)otherworlds, cultures of living and learning that acknowledge, appreciate, and support creative, and decolonial mothering relations to value each individual’s well being, multitudinous communities’ sustainability, and entangled responsibilities for, with, in the world.

The daily, monthly, seasonally, and yearly rhythms of these (m)otherworlds reshape our interconnected cycles of doing, being, knowing and relating to create more livable and loving worlds.

Learn About Our Coven

The seeds for this project were planted in the Fall of 2021 with two of us meeting at IAMAS where Akanksha was presenting and Mairi was moderating the same panel on motherhood and intergenerational trauma. That prompted our virtual collaboration and repeated, cyclical ruminations that always brought us back to this core belief that mothers are central to who/what we become- whether it’s the stories they tell us, the traumas they pass on, the love and food through which they nourish us (or not), and so on. Over the course of two seasons, we felt compelled to keep thinking-with each other, and remaining in generative conversations. Longing to expand the conversation, we considered ways to invite others in to the carrier bag that was holding our desires to reimagine our worlds beyond scarcity and individual competition. Our carrier bags were being filled by others who in different ways were attending to embodiment, mothering, and teaching and learning, and we took the risk of writing to those who became our Coven of the 13 Moons (see about us) to invite them to join us for a sustained conversation, which was made possible by our very implications in the systems of competition (e.g., the support of SSHRC, IAMAS, University of Calgary, SUNY Plattsburgh, and American Canary).

Our thinking-feeling through this terrain, rife with worldmaking possibilities, our own carrier bags have expanded to include the generous gifts of Sheliza, Stephanie, and Zoya—each of whom has been vital in the shaping of things to come.

So, we ask ourselves, and now you, if we are in this moment where the importance of the body is gradually being acknowledged in white, western, epistemic spaces such as the academe which has traditionally been premised on the mind/body duality, how can we talk about the body without talking about the mothering, daughtering, caregiving/taking body?

This is why we have gathered here, hopefully to think about carrier bags (Le Guin)- our mothers, perhaps ourselves- as the first environment that holds, nurtures, and brings forth life. How do we center a carrier bag theory of knowledge and pedagogical praxis in neoliberal institutions premised on the narrative of the action hero- narrative that progresses linearly, from the beginning, only to end with the victory of the individual, at all costs? If you have found your way to our website-carrier bag, we invite you into the conversation, to the reimagining and reworlding possibilities

Scholars Involved

Scholars involved in the Mother Scholars initiative bring diverse expertise and experiences, enriching the IAMAS community with their valuable contributions.

Summer Institute

Sponsored and supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Connection Grant, The Werklund School of Education, SUNY Plattsburgh, IAMAS, and American Canary, this institute offers a unique platform for mother scholars to engage, innovate, and inspire within a supportive community of peers and mentors.
Join us for the inaugural Summer Institute for Mother Scholars, hosted by The Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.

This transformative event spans three days of collaborative and embodied crafting and creating, culminating in an enriching half-day interactive community symposium on June 22nd from 9 am to 1 pm MST.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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