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Welcome to our shared space of exploration and learning through (m)otherhood.

Intentions/Our Calling

Our interest is to embrace, reimagine, transgress, and expand the possibilities for living and learning within the world through reconnecting with inherited embodiedness of mothering relations. We are a collective of (m)otherscholars that seek to honor, expand, complicate, and trouble mothering relations in education, work, culture, and society. We are rooted in decolonial praxis of relationality, responsibility, reciprocity, gratitude, Indigenous wisdom and ecological sustainability. Through our own processes of living and learning, we intend to seed and harness our methodological and pedagogical play as scholars, teachers, and activists to help organizations nurture a multiplicity of mothering relations for more livable and loving futures.


We dream of (m)otherworlds, cultures of living and learning that acknowledge, appreciate, and support creative, and decolonial mothering relations to value each individual’s well being, multitudinous communities’ sustainability, and entangled responsibilities for, with, in the world. The daily, monthly, seasonally, and yearly rhythms of these (m)otherworlds reshape our interconnected cycles of doing, being, knowing and relating to create more livable and loving worlds.

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