A Room of One’s Own Grant

Event Overview

IAMAS firmly believes that the invaluable work of mother-scholars deserves dedicated support and nurturing environments to truly flourish. In alignment with this commitment, we are proud to introduce our “A Room of One’s Own” grant program, designed to provide essential assistance to scholars encountering childcare challenges.

This program offers a generous provision of four, two-night hotel vouchers, each valued at $350, ensuring a conducive space for focused academic endeavors.

Additionally, stipends provided through this initiative can also be utilized to address childcare needs, acknowledging the multifaceted responsibilities faced by mother-scholars. It’s imperative to note that these funds are intended to facilitate participation in our writing retreat, where attendees can immerse themselves in scholarly pursuits while benefiting from a supportive community environment.

We emphasize that grant recipients are required to utilize the stipends during the designated retreat period, aligning with our mission to foster academic excellence within a nurturing and inclusive framework.