Send a Postcard to Your Elected Representatives

A powerful way to voice concerns and prioritize mom-centric issues.

Make Your Voice Heard

Sending a postcard to your elected representatives is a great way to make your voice heard on the issues most important to moms.

Let’s get going!

At IAMAS, we care about moms and the critical work moms do. Moms need their representatives to vote for what matters to them most, including closing the wage gap as well as securing paid leave, subsidized childcare, and health equity for all. We are stronger when we advocate together. We know you’re busy, but IAMAS is making it super easy. Just fill out the form below to get your pack. We provide directions. All you have to do is provide the postage.

Include your name, mailing address (must be a US address – for now), and email, and we’ll send what you need to be an awesome advocate for moms.


Postcard Directions

A huge thank you for agreeing to mail these postcards. This is a first step in realizing much needed reform in the United States. Below are the steps we recommend you follow to achieve the best results.

Purchase postcard stamps from USPS. These are significantly less pricy than regular stamps, but both work. A coil of 100 stamps is $35.00.

Click Here to find the addresses you need. Contact U.S. Senators, Representatives, and local officials, including those with differing views, to emphasize bipartisan support for advocated legislation. Existing supporters may require evidence.

Be sure to write a personal message on the back. Anything will do, but we included some options. Cards with personal messages “count” differently than those without messages.

Be sure to keep the address to the lines offered. If too writing extends too low, some post offices will not deliver. (You can extend lines to the left if needed.)

To offset the costs of printing, consider donating to IAMAS.