2 Day Virtual Writing Retreat

Event Overview

This retreat is free for all IAMAS members, and only $40 for non-members.

IAMAS is thrilled to announce our upcoming 2-day virtual Summer Writing Retreat, a transformative opportunity tailored to provide mother-scholars with the essential elements of accountability, guidance, and community support necessary to realize their academic aspirations. With a warm invitation extended to mother-scholars from all levels and disciplines, our retreat serves as a beacon of empowerment and collaboration.

Our retreat offers accountability, guidance, and community, welcoming participants from all disciplines. With a focus on enhancing writing productivity, our agenda includes dedicated sessions, brainstorming, and peer reviews.

We also provide instructional workshops and networking opportunities, tailored to meet diverse needs. Join us for a transformative experience, empowering mother-scholars and fostering academic excellence.

The summer writing retreat will be Aug. 9-10, from 9:30 am to 5 pm, online only